Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock – Review & Rating

When you decide to take that long hike out in the wild, why burden yourself with a tent. A hammock is much easier to carry, and it takes less time to setup. No poles to worry about, no guy lines to trip over, and if it does rain, you will not risk drowning in your tent when a flood rushes across your campsite.

A hammock keeps you above all that, and Grand Trunk makes things easy with their Ultralight hammock.




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Who is this Product for?

If you love getting out under the blue sky and you like to be able to travel light without a lot of gear.

The Ultralight from Grand Trunk gets you out and on your way in a flash. It weighs next to nothing and folds small enough to fit in a backpack. Then it off and out to see what's over the next hill.

The hammock holds the weight of an adult, and with a good hanging kit, it will go up anywhere you want to sleep. Since it is hammock designed to replace a tent it has add-ons to enhance its usefulness such as a weather fly and mosquito net.

But, the big selling points are that it is rugged and is comfortable.


Holds up under a 200LB adult

You can sleep comfortably knowing you have a hammock that will support your weight easily and with its high sides, you wouldn't flip on onto your keister in the middle of the night. It will also handle your sleeping bag easily and you can then not only secure but also warm and snug as well.​

You'll find that this hammock is made of reinforced Polyester Taffeta, so it will not stretch or rip while you are getting into or out of it.

It also comes with a Manufacturer’s warranty as well. So, you have the guarantee that you’ll sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Lightweight and folds small

​One of the key disadvantages of sleeping in a tent is the fact that they weigh too much. This hammock, on the other hand, weighs about 12 ounces. Your coffee mug when full weighs more. With that weight advantage, you can make better time as you make your way up a mountain trail or through rugged terrain. You also wouldn't be as tired when you decide to stop for the night.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock pouch

That is one of the rules of living in the wild. Conserve energy and do not waste it. If you try to set up camp after a grueling hike, you wouldn't have the energy to set up camp properly. If you don't set up camp right, you will be even more tired in the morning, as you probably wouldn't get the rest you need.​

A Hammock protects you from biting bugs better

​With your hammock and an optional mosquito net, you have better protection than as in a tent, where a door is and when left open lets in the flying pests to drive you crazy. Your hammock netting zippers shut, and they can't get at you. This gives you a quiet night of rest as you wouldn't be itching and scratching all night long.

People in a tent get kept up all night by one mosquito that depending on the species can bite you up to 10 times, and you wouldn’t be able to lay a glove on it.​

Set up is a snap

As mentioned earlier if you are tired you don't set up camp right things can go south later. Well, this hammock goes up in minutes, and if you plan ahead and have the optional hanging kit, you are ready for the land of Nod in around a minute or two. Slap the mounting belts around two convenient trees and then slip the two "S" shaped hooks and you can sit down into your hammock and drop into a deep slumber almost instantly.

Therefore, you wake up rested, refreshed, and breaking camp is just as quick. In just a minute, your hammock folds up, and the mounting kit stows as well. Then you are on your way. This saves you a great deal of time if you are doing an Extreme Marathon or a hike of over 100 miles.

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Pros & Cons


● It has plenty of room with its 9-1/2' length by 4-1/2' width. I'm over 5'9," and I have plenty of room to sleep and move around in this hammock.

● Compact and fits into a belt-pack easily.

● You can fit two people, but it pushes things a bit.

● The price is right with a hammock is great for an afternoon out back by the pool.

● Being able to pitch camp at a moment’s notice makes for a comfortable night's rest after a long day of exploring, hiking and seeing the sights, My hammock goes up in 5 minutes, and I don't have set up poles, attach ropes, and then make sure I did it all right.​


● Replace the "S" hooks with carabiners as fast as you can. The hooks work, but carabiners hold up much better.

● Don't forget getting a rain fly and mosquito net to complete the set. You never know when it will rain and bugs are and always shall be in your life.​


Does this hammock come with a mounting kit?

How much weight will this hammock support safely?

How big a tarp do I need to make a weather fly with for this hammock?

How much does this hammock weigh folded up?

Does the UL come with any kind of warranty?

Final Verdict

With this hammock, this writer is tempted to swear off tents entirely. The lightweight and the small footprint make this ideal for taking a walk in the woods to laze the day by a favored lake or pond. It goes up fast and with a few additions can replace a tent quite easily.

Having a rain fly is a must however if you are going camping or hiking for a weekend. You need to be aware of the weather forecasts and prepare for rain even if it says sunny.

Made from rugged materials the hammock with proper care should last you for years of use. What else can you expect for 20 bucks?​

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