Coleman RoadTrip LXE Review – One of The Best Portable Propane Grill

One of the things most people do not like when they go camping is the quality of the food. Let's face most people don't know how to cook over an open fire. One of the things I like is a fish fillet battered and done up right. That’s where Coleman RoadTrip LXE comes in. This propane grill is one of easiest to use, and it gets the job done right.

If you brought some dogs for a late night camp weenie roast, you could have one in style. For a tailgate party, you can do burgers, brats, and even chili for a chilidog that is to die for.




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Who is This Product for?

You want a better outdoor camping experience. The problem is especially true for campers with families who want to have food cooked properly up front. Fire is one of man's best friends. Unfortunately, you have to cook a lot over an open fire to create a tasty meal. Pork and beans only go so far.

If you want a real meal, you need proper heat control. The Road Trip Grill is for those people who like to travel and still enjoy good tasting food while they take in the sights. Camper, sports fans, and outdoors man will enjoy the many features it offers.​


Two Burners, No waiting

Two burners with heat control. That means you can keep two dishes going at the same time. You could be doing burgers on one burner and have a stew simmering on the other. This gives you the options of doing a large or intimate cooking as you only need one burner up and running for two instead of a crowd.​

Coleman RoarTrip LXE Burners

You can control the heat, and that means more variety in your outdoor menu. Dogs on one and with an optional potholder you can make up the best nachos ever.

Sets up in a flash

In just four steps, it opens up and is ready for business. You can then cook a meal and clean thing with just a bit of soap and water.

After everything dries, it all collapses down to a compact unit that fits in an RV, the trunk of a car, in the back of an SUV, and in the bed of a pickup.

You now have a portable grill that goes wherever you do, and then you can eat like a king or queen cooking meals that watchers of cooking shows can only envy.

Quick Setup Guide for Coleman RoarTrip LXE

Quick Setup Guide for Coleman RoarTrip LXE

With the top down, you trap the heat

Steaks cook faster, as the heat reflects back onto the other side. You can do up a slab of ribs and your "Q" never tasted better. It means your Kabobs come out to perfection every time. You can grill veggies such as peppers for sausage sandwiches and add some cheese; you taste heaven in every bite.

You also can do both sides of a piece of Texas toast with ease. There is no limit to what your mind can conjure up with a grill that is so versatile.

Instant start means that there is no delay in starting the fun

You no longer have to fuss with charcoal, lighter fluid, and newspaper. There is no ash to get rid of and no singed eyebrows when things flare up in lighting.

One push of a button does it, and from there you get on with the grilling process. You spray on some Pam or brush the grill plate with your favorite vegetable oil, and you can start hamburgers going in a flash to feed those hungry mouths.

When it comes time to close up shop, you do not have to wait for coals to cool down to dispose of safely. You just give the grill a quick wipe and fold it all down to wash later when you have the time.

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Pros & Cons​


● Two places to cook and slide out trays to hold things. Everything you want in a portable grill.

● You can do vegetarian on one burner and a steak on the other. So, now everyone can get what he or she wants.​

● Food used to be uninteresting on camp outs. Now it has zing and is even better than going out to a restaurant.​

● I love a tailgate party for the kids and me. However, after seeing other people's elaborate trailer rigs and the hassles of trying to cook at a game with a Weber I almost gave up on the idea. Coleman came through, and now we have burger, hot dogs, and pulled pork Cubano sandwiches.​

Road trips were too expensive. Hotel, food and the rest were making it impossible. Now I just through a tent in the trunk with my Coleman and I can go wherever I like and eat great food on the way and when I get there​.


● The only drawback is making sure you bring along enough propane.

● It would be a better grill if the wheels could be locked​.


How large is the cooking surface?

How much heat does the Road Trip put out?

How long will the grill cook on one cylinder of propane?

What accessories can I get?

Final Verdict

I, myself enjoy eating food. Just because it is in the middle of the woods should be no obstacle. That’s what is so nice about this grill. There is little danger of starting a fire of which Smokey the Bear and the Forestry service frown on an open fire.​

However, with the versatility of the Road Trip Grill, you can do just that by living out of your car, stopping along the way, and having a cookout where you end up or if the mood takes you.

Now, long trips to visit the in-laws in another state can cost a lot less as you stop in at a convenience store and buy what you need for the day and cook lunch or dinner at a picnic table at a rest stop.​

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