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One of the worst things about sleeping in the wild is the bugs. They crawl in your ears and up your nose. However, the biting ones are the worst. Once one bites you, it can keep you up all night as you scratch and wiggle about trying to get comfortable. Then there is that one bug that bites you in that place where you cannot scratch.

Those days are now gone for good as Bear Butt has your back with the "Zapper."




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Is This Product for You?

No, this is not some electronic gizmo. It is a hammock net that no bug in the universe can get past its micro-fine mesh. This net made for the hiker or camper as well as the artist, writer, and hunter wants to be in the wild and not let bugs eat you alive.

You can hang it anywhere and then you can rest easy knowing you are in an impervious to bug environment where comfort and rest go hand in hand.

But, even if you do not get out into the woods, you can hang this on a hammock on a frame in your backyard and enjoy a sunny afternoon lazing around with nary a bug bite or any scratching.



You may like to rest in your hammock with total ease. You do not want all that extra clothing encumbering you. However, you do not want any voyeurs peeking in if you shed them. Well, the No-see-um mesh ensures you are in your private little world cocooned from sight.

It, however, is a one-way barrier. You can still see around you with perfect clarity. So, you can take in Nature's beauty or keep an eye on things in camp or even in your backyard.

So, when it’s all said and done, you can drop out of the world but still be part of it if you so choose.


When you want a hammock net that goes where the action is, you now have one that can take it and then some. The Rip-Stop Stuff Sack & 550 Paracord makes sure of that.

You can climb a mountain, and your hammock goes with you when you get to the top it and hang it. You can get in your hammock fully dressed with your hiking clothes on, and you will sleep like a baby in a crib un-fazed by bugs, as the "Zapper" with its heavy-duty zippers will always zip up tight or your money back.

The Paracord tabs mean that you will never have a broken zipper tab either. So, when you get home after your adventure you just wash it, and it is just like the day you bought it.

Overall Coverage

Bear Butt Bug Net aka The Zapper

The "Zapper" comes with a rugged guide rope for the protective anti-bug mesh canopy. To keep you from shrouding up like a mummy it has sturdy snap hooks that create a tent like structure. You lie back and see the blue sky above, and you haven't a care in the world.

Double stitched tabs keep this canopy securely fastened to the net covering and that means you'll be able to enjoy this hammock for years of comfort and bug-free snoozing.

Life is good when bugs cannot bite; you are comfortable and secure in your hammock.


The "Zapper" goes into its carry bag, and you will hardly know it exists. It weighs in at only a few ounces.

Bear Butt Bug Net pouch


The Bear Butt people know customer service is the #1 priority. So, if you are not happy for any reason, keep the Hammock net and get you money back to boot. That is one of the best offers you will ever see on the net.

Pros & Cons


● Hangs fast and easy with no hassles

● I worry about West Nile, but I love being outdoors. The Zapper lets me enjoy being outside again with no fear of mosquito-borne diseases affecting my life

● Even if your kids and his friends roughhouse in the dual hammock and the netting holds up like a trooper

● Price is affordable and their guarantee makes this the best buy you'll ever made


● Setting up the zapper could be a bit tricky at first.


Does this hammock net cover a fully decked out tent hammocks?

Is it easy to set up?

Can I put a rain fly over this?

What kind of guarantee do I get?

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Final Verdict

Having spent many years in the field with both tents and hammocks, i finally have a bug net that answers my prayers. It is lightweight, keeps the bugs out and surprisingly it also keeps you warm on a cold night as well.

The one-way No-see-um mesh is great, and I feel that I do not have to worry about gawkers in camp seeing me in my skivvies when I sleep at night.

The Zapper hangs over your regular hammock and will handle most brands easily. It has enough extra room to cover a double sized hammock as well as one with a quilt or an under-blanket.

If you are worried about rain you should consider a rain fly also and Bear Butt has one that is ergonomically designed and when used together provide protection against a downpour and the after rain invasion of mosquitoes that it stirs up.

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