Thinking Outside The Tent : 8 of The Best Camping Hammocks of 2022

Do you love spending time in the great outdoors but are tired of sleeping on the ground? Then you should know more about camping hammocks. These nifty little things are changing how outdoor enthusiasts are spending their time in the wilderness i.e. they can be used to catch an afternoon nap or even to replace your tent as your primary nighttime shelter. In this article, we are going to discuss 8 of the best camping hammocks available on the market.

There are a number of options to pick from, both minimalist and feature-packed, to serve your specific use. But, no matter how you intend to use it, camping hammocks can revolutionize the way that you camp.

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Interested in learning more? The following guide will not only detail the benefits of camping hammocks, it describes the criteria you should use to select the perfect hammock as well as 8 of the best options currently on the market.

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Selecting The Perfect Camping Hammock : What You Need to Know

Not only do camping hammocks provide you with a comfortable night's sleep, they keep you out of the dirt and offer protection from both the elements and pests. Additional benefits include:

  • Stress Release: Because you are virtually sleeping on air, camping hammocks have no pressure points to interfere with your rest. And, the gentle sway is especially comforting, making it easy for both the body and mind to fully relax.
  • Better Sleep: There are a ton of modern studies that have found that one of the benefits of a hammock is that they allow you to get longer, deeper rest.
  • Affordable: Those who know the value of a good night’s sleep often spend thousands of dollars on a comfortable bed. In comparison, a hammock is a real bargain.

Now, that we’ve gone a little deeper into the benefits of a camping hammocks, how do you go about selecting one? There are several criteria that you should consider. Some of them include:

  • The width of the hammock: Hammock widths vary from about 4 feet to 8.5 feet. But 6-7 feet can easily accommodate a single camper or a couple. If you are a solo sleeper, you can go narrower, but it all depends on the amount of room you need to stretch out. Just keep in mind that too much width will cause the hammock to wrap around you and may make you feel claustrophobic.
  • The length of the hammock: When it comes to length, the selection isn’t as varied as width. But, if you are tall, you should consider getting a model that’s longer than 8 feet. However, it’s mostly a matter of preference.
  • Weight: Although a couple of ounces may not seem like a huge deal, keeping your pack weight down is vital for an optimal outdoor adventure.
  • Strength: Quality construction and material are vital in a hammock. Without these elements, you won’t be supported any may find yourself on the ground.

  • Suspension systems: When you set up your hammock, you will need both a suspension system and carabiners. If you are lucky, you can find these with the hammock, but sometimes they must be purchased separately. Suspension choices include nylon ropes (beware of the overly stretchy kind), synthetic tree slings, and webbing straps.
  • Cost: A great hammock doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But, if you will be using your hammock often you should consider spending a little more for a quality product that will last for years.

​ Best Camping Hammocks

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This lightweight and compact double hammock comes with an integrated compression strap and strong, but light, aluminum carabiners. They are an excellent option for those who want a spacious hammock when on lightweight hiking trips. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Ability to safely support up to 400 lbs: This hammock features triple interlocking stitching and 70D high tenacity breathable nylon taffeta. This design makes it possible for this hammock to safely support two people with a combined maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • Easily portable: Spacious for one but big enough for this, the Doublenest is still able to fit easily into the compression stuff sack that it comes with. This allows you to fold the hammock down to the size of a grapefruit, which is great for lightweight camping trips.

  • Set up is easy and quick: This hammock comes with an aluminum wire gate carabiners as well as national grade line which make it easy to safely and safely secure the Doublenest to boat masts, poles, trees, or walls.
  • Great for multiple uses: Compact, durable, and versatile, the DoubleNest is excellent for backyard camping, traveling, boating, camping, hiking, or just relaxing.

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This hammock provides virtually everything that you need to enjoy the great outdoors. It looks great, is spacious enough for two, and can hold up to 400 pounds.

Its other benefits are as follows:

  • High-quality construction ensures your comfort in even inclement weather: It provides everything you need to for complete comfort when on your next hiking or camping trip. It can withstand almost anything, including rainy nights, windy days, and the wear and tear when it comes outdoor survival. In fact, it should easily last at least five years. Plus, it’s versatility of use, makes it a must have camping companion.
  • Very portable: This hammock redefines camping. It gives you the ability to forge the bulky pad and heavy sleeping bag. All you have to do is put the hammock in its attracted sack, place it in your backpack, and off you go. Once you’ve found your perfect campsite, set is quick easy, mainly due to the tree friendly straps and steel carabiners that are included.
  • Easy to set up: Whether you are a beginner backpacker or a seasoned veteran, this hammock is remarkably easy to set up. Plus, the military grade 210T nylon fabric that it’s made with ensuring a both comfortable and durable bed.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty: Legit Camping provides a lifetime warranty on all their products. So, if for some reason, you are not satisfied with the double hammock, you can return it for a full refund. And, if something should happen to go wrong, they offer a lifetime warranty so that it can easily be replaced.

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Believe it or not, the manufacturers of this hammock purport that it’s strong and big enough to hold a grizzly bear. And, so far, they’ve lived up to their promises. This amazing hammock is able to support up to 900 pounds and fit those who are 6 feet or taller.

Additional benefits include:

  • Perfect for two: This hammock holds up to 500 pounds of body weight but it has been tested for over 900 pounds, which means it can easily hold two people comfortable.
  • Lightweight and strong: This hammock weighs about 1 pound is able to easily fit its attached stuff sack. When it comes to durability, the Double Parachute was tested with a lion and this powerful animal was unable to rip or tear it.
  • Great for beginner and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts: No matter if you want to use this hammock to hang, chill, rest, sleep, read, shoot deer, or cuddle, you can. It’s perfect for use in a variety of scenarios, ensuring flexibility of use regardless of your plans.
  • Comes with a very accommodating money back guarantee: No matter the cause of your dissatisfaction, the Bear Butt manufacturers offer a no questions asked refund.

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If you are looking for a small, but comfortable, hammock, then look no further than this Neolite Double Camping Hammock. It’s extra wide and, despite its durability, weighs very little. One of the best benefits of this hammock is that easy it is to pack, meaning it doesn’t take up a ton of room.

Other benefits include:

  • Its flexibility of use: This hammock is real for travel, backpacking, or camping. Plus, it's compact, lightweight, and easy to set up.
  • Constructed out of super strong materials: Neolite was made out of breathable, strong, and quick drying weaved nylon and was manufactured using heavy duty triple interlocking stitching. All this makes this hammock strong enough to easily hold up to 400 lbs.
  • Storage is quick and easy: Comes with an integrated drawstring stuff staff that can also be used as a convenient storage bag for your gadgets, gear, and other personal items.
  • Setup is a breeze: Come with two super strong nautical grade hang ropes (complete with free friendly rope sleeves) and two solid steel carabiners for easy and quick setup. Plus, you can hang ropes pack in a separate sack for easy storage.

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If you are looking for a military grade hammock that is lightweight, portable and comes with a complete system in one bag, look no further than the SawTooth Double Hammock. Built out of premium materials, it was specifically designed to be spacious and to provide campers with enhanced reliability and strength.

Additional benefits include:

  • Complete kit for ultimate relaxation: These hammocks come with premium carabiners and tree straps for easily set up. This ensures that you will be able to relax within minutes of reaching your campsite. Plus, if you want to adjust the height of the hammock, you don’t have to move the tree straps, simple clip the carabiner into one of 14 strap loops.
  • Huge and comfortable: These hammocks were designed to provide lots of rooms for either two adults or several children. And, it features 8 very strong utility hoops so you store or hang, books, snacks, water bottles, even Bluetooth speakers right next to you.
  • Enhanced reliability and strength: This hammock was crafted out of triple-stitched parachute nylon, making it very durable, lightweight, and weather resistant. Furthermore, it’s able to easily support up to 400 pounds without sacrificing comfortability or breathability.
  • Portability and easy setup: Setup is a breeze because there you won’t have to measure or deal with any knots, simply clip into any one of the 14 tree strap loops for fast height adjustments. This makes this hammock perfect for a visit to a park or beach, hunting or camping trips, sunny days in the backyard, and more. Furthermore, at less than 3 pounds, this hammock is easy to carry, no matter where you may roam.
  • Versatile: This hammock offers campers, even more, flexibility than the typical hammock. It can be used a tent cover, sunshade, beach blanket, even a shelter because of its utility loops with let you set it up in a variety of configurations.

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If comfort is your ultimate goal, the Wise owl outfitters hammock is the camping tent for you. It’s one of the toughest, largest, and most luxury hammocks of its kind on the market. It’s constructed out of durable materials, fits two people comfortable, and even has a lifetime warranty.

Additional benefits include:

  • Huge size: It unfurls to roughly the size of a queen size bed.
  • Strong and comfortable: This hammock can hold up to 500 lbs. And because it’s made out of hammock's innovative Lunar Wave fabric, it’s softer, lighter, and stronger than other parachute fabric on the market. Comes with two Deer slings and two climbing rated carabiners for suspension.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty: This camping hammock comes with a lifetime warranty (for the original owners) that protects against workmanship and material defects. But, it’s important to note that this doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear. Furthermore, in order to take advantage of the warranty, you will need either warranty registration on their website or proof of purchase.

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This double hammock comes with tree straps and a portable parachute. Made of nylon, it’s an incredibly lightweight hammock is easy to set up and comes with everything you need to do so.

If you’re looking for a light, comfortable double hammock that gives you extra room even if there are 2 people in it, you’ve found it! It’s breathable and resistant to mildew, yet still so soft!

Additional benefits include:

  • Easily supports up to 400 lbs to 500 lbs: Due to the fact that it uses 210T parachute nylon and high- grade nylon triple interlocked stitching, it can comfortably support a maximum weight capacity of between 400 lbs to 500 lbs with ease.

  • Setting it up takes minutes to do: Instead of rope, this camping hammock uses straps for an easy setup that takes approximately 3 minutes to do.

  • Easy to pack up: It’s just as easy to take it down as it is to set it up. It comes with an integrated stuff sack that makes packing it up easy and takes as little space as possible.

  • Comes with an awesome warranty: If you’re not satisfied with the hammock, you can let the manufacturer know and they’ll refund your money in just 5 hours, no questions asked. They’ll even let you keep it.

Our Rating:

Although some would consider this hammock to be no-frills, it is easily on par with other more expensive models. It’s made out of a very lightweight nylon material but still manages to be rugged and durable.

Additional benefits include:

  • Premium quality: Comes with lightweight aluminum wire gate carabiners, which results in a lighter and quick hammock setup.
  • Lightweight and strong: It light weight (25 oz) means that its portability is high, making it easier for you to whip it out and relax anywhere. Plus, it’s triple stitches, ensuring that it’s toughness will see you through even the toughest terrain.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty: If you are unsatisfied with the hammock for any reason, you can return it for a 100% hassle free easy return. Plus, K2 has a Happy Camper Promise that ensures that your happiness is their top priority.
  • Comfortable: This hammock gives you the ability to sleep above the ground without carrying heavy tents. This allows you to stay comfy and dry even when the ground isn’t.
  • Has a variety of uses: This hammock can be used in virtually any environment, including backpacking, camping, hiking, backyard camping, and more. In other words, it can basically be used anywhere you can find a good branch, two trees, or mounting points.

Final Verdict

Outdoor enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. There are those who love to backpack, trek, camp, etc. But, no matter the type of business you handle when outdoors, it’s wise to consider a hammock over the more conventional sleeping arrangements. We promise you will not regret.

Now, we understand that this may be easier said than done, if you’ve never considered a hammock before, you may not know where to start. Thankfully, the list featured above showcases 8 of the best camping hammocks on the market, making your task significantly easier. And, once you’ve made the switch, you'll wonder why you ever spent time sleeping on the hard ground.

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