Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock with Carabiners – The Travle Hammock – Review

Today’s world is too technology driven, and people need a break from it now and again. That’s why getting back to nature is becoming popular.

However, tents are getting more complicated, and they are coming in larger sizes that are now as big as a small apartment. They are getting heavier, and you need too much gear to go with them for a trip out into the wild.

Hammocks are replacing tents, and this one is a single person hammock that lets you go out into the wild and do so in comfort.




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Who is this product for?

​If you are, a hiker or an outdoorsman who wants to hit the mountains and forests. You can go where you like and instead of a tent can take a hammock instead. You can make it into a shelter that will keep you dry, warm, and bug-free.

A person who wants to have comfort in the home you can set up one as a chair or if guests arrive suddenly and they need a place to sleep.

​The uses you can put this hammock to are uncountable and here is the one that is just right for you.


Thrown into a car for travel for work or to the beach, forest preserves and over places where fun is just waiting for you

​Compact and lightweight you have the perfect sleeping hammock that goes anywhere, You can hang it inside an RV or even an SUV and have a comfortable place to sleep after driving all day. Long-haul truckers can use this hammock as well for the same reason. You, one you reach your destination can hit the beach and set up and relax soaking up the sounds of the surf, people having fun, and feel the cool breeze.

Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock

Made from materials that would rot, tear, and mildew

​Earth tone colors in a material that NAVY SEALS use to jump out of airplanes at 30,000 feet. You too can jump, but into comfort with a hammock made tough, that will hold the weight of two full-grown adults. That's 400 pounds of weight, that means for a single person in the field; it will support your weight including your backpack above the ground and safe from the cold, wet, and bug infested ground.

Enjoy a relaxing snooze and never worry about waking up sitting on your backside wondering how you got there.

The ultimate in comfort

You are supported at all contact points equality, and you would wake up with an aching back either. That is the age-old secret of the hammock why it has 5000 years of history behind it.

​You have now had the best in sleep gear around. Pack it up, and it goes in a daypack for a day of relaxation at a quiet pond or lake. Take it hiking and when you are tired take a break and rest for a few hours until you decide to go on.

It hangs everywhere

​One of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will ever own. Because it is not just for the "Great Outdoors,” it also is made for inner-space as well. You can hang it off two trees out back or between two beams on your screened in porch.

Wherever you want comfort you can hang, it with the hooks and ropes that come with it and you can buy a mounting kit that puts it up in the woods without harming the trees you are attaching your hammock to, or a DIY frame you build custom for your den or guest room.​

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Pros & Cons


● Bigger that the UL and smaller than the Double you have the hammock is just right for a person that wants to go hiking and camping without dragging out the tent and all the extras that go with it

● Comfortable, easy to set up, and affordable

● My daughter borrowed it for a backyard sleepover, and now I'll never get it back

● When I need to compress I head for my favorite clearing in the woods, and I spend the day in total comfort

● Great hammock for backpacking, beach fun, and hanging out in the backyard​


● I wish it came in more colors

Video Review


Q: Can this hammock sleep two?

A: It will be a tight fit, but the hammock can hold 400 pounds of weight.

Q: Can I get any accessories for this hammock?

A: Yes, there are a whole line of add-ons you can get: Mounting kits, sleeping frames and chair frames.

Q: How long does it take to hang this hammock?

A: It can go up in 5 minutes.

Q: How big is the hammock?

A: It measures 10-1/2' X 5'.

Q: Is it doubled Stitched?

A: It is better than that. It is triple stitched where you need it most.

Final Verdict

When I need to get out and away, a single tent or nowadays a single hammock is the only way to go. Sometimes in tandem, I take both. That way I have more options to play with. Most of the time the pop-up tent holds chow, and the rest of the gear and the hammock is for sleeping a relaxing.

With the Grand Trunk, you can do the same or go it alone with just the hammock, mosquito net, and a weather cover. All of this is a lot cheaper and easier to carry than many of the tents you find out there, and you have more freedom of action as well.

The hammock is rugged and durable, and it will last for years of use. Indoors it doubles as a chair, bed, and gives you more floor space in a room. All combines to make it a stylish piece of furniture as well as comfortable as well.​

Jeffrey E. Cook

I write exclusive Guides, Reviews and How to's to inform and educate direct campers and hikers as well as intending hikers and campers on how to approach issues and have the type of experience and fun they desire.

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