Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Hammock Review (with Carabiners)

A parachute hammock, like the name, says it looks like something that a skydiver lost on an island would fashion out of his gear. Surprisingly they are quite comfortable and can be set up almost anywhere. The silky feel along with its quarter moon shape makes it one of the most comfortable sleeping platforms around.

What is even better they set up and tear down in under a minute? Now that is convenient when you are in a hurry to set up and tear down a camp.​




Our Rating

Who is this Product for?​

​You can be one of those people who want to break away from the mundane life.

People, who are into Highlining, often tie their hammocks to the side of a high gorge above the world at the Mothership Space Net Penthouse in Moab where Highliners converge every year to enjoy their sport.

They sleep hundreds of feet in the air and are joined by Base jumpers and other extreme sports enthusiasts. But, you don't have to follow these hobbies. You can be an ordinary person who just wants the best in comfort.

Whether for indoor or outdoor you can use a hammock like this one.


100% Nylon

​You have a soft material that washes easily and is durable and lasts for years with a little cleaning and TLC. You can then expect to rest easily anywhere you go, whether it is to the beach, woods, and even in the backyard by the pool.

If however, you are traveling it is a material that folds into a compact size and with far less weight than a tent. This means you can leave the tent at home and pack your hammock instead.

You can travel farther, faster, and still, have a comfortable place to lay your head when your reach your destination or decide to stop for the night.

Rugged construction

​You have triple stitched seams, and it has reinforced stress points as well. You can now create a haven far from the real world and have peace and quiet knowing you can lie back, and your hammock will support you and another easily and securely up to 400 pounds of weight.

This makes hiking in pairs more fun as you can be intimate or with two, have more than adequate room to rest and relax in. Besides, you have a product that will last forever, and if you have a hammock frame in your bedroom, you have the ultimate comfort for indoor sleeping that supports you everywhere at the same time.​

Comes in a rainbow of colors

​If you want to be color coordinated in everything, you do. Your hammock can follow suit as well; you can have one in the color that appeals to the inner you and we know color can uplift us and alter our moods for the better.

Besides, the festive colors go with a pool party or day trip to the beach.

Let's face color often reflects your personality and your hammock where ever you go tells people who you are.

Quickly sets up anywhere

​Your hammock can now go up in the woods, beach, and in the backyard and inside the house. The Grand Trunk Double goes up in under a minute if you are prepared.

​Having the right frame, you can put a hammock into any room for a bright bit of color and a place to sit in or lay on while watching TV or a movie.

Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Hammock bag

For outdoor use, it comes with all you need to set it up between two trees in a flash. If you wish, there are mounting kits available that let you set your hammock almost anywhere you like.

Pros and Cons​


​● Great combination when you combine it with a mosquito net. You can stay out in the yard or the deep woods, listen to the night sounds, and enjoy nature without ending up scratching.

● Takes my weight with ease, and I weigh 260, I use a mounting kit to protect Mother Nature when I set up.

● Comfort, Durability, with a simplicity of form and function you don't often find today.

● I can wrap myself up like in sleeping bag, and even without a net I get a good night's rest.

● Great for one person with a backpack and good for two.​


​● The stuff sack is too bulky. It has too much, wasted space.

​● A bit Pricey.​

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How much does the hammock weigh packed for traveling?

How much weight will the Parachute hammock support safely?

Can I get a mosquito net and weather fly for this hammock?

Should I get a mounting kit?

Final Verdict

​You can get a single person hammock and have room for one. With a double hammock, you have a love seat, sleeping for two and comfortable rest for one, and the ultimate in indoor fashion. This model can replace a tent and weighs far less. After adding a few extras, the total load comes to just a few pounds. You have weather fly, mosquito net, and universal mounting kit.

With all that, you can put it on your bicycle and tour the great Northwest in style. But in addition to all you have seen today, you have a hammock that is made for fun and goes anywhere you want and adds a vibrant splash of color to any venue you chose.​

Its comfort and durability only surpass that, as this is one of the best made hammocks you can find on Amazon today. So, this writer concurs with the many owners who give it 5 Stars and offers two thumbs up as well.​

Jeffrey E. Cook

I write exclusive Guides, Reviews and How to's to inform and educate direct campers and hikers as well as intending hikers and campers on how to approach issues and have the type of experience and fun they desire.

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