Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock Review

If you want to have a hammock that beats, most of them out there for comfort at a great price too. Bear Butt Double Parachute is the one.

You have a hammock that comes in bright colors and adds this splash of color to any outdoor activity you'd care to name, whether it is at the beach, backyard parties, and just lazing about the yard doing nothing.

Bear Butt knows their hammocks, and you can see it in the quality of their work at even these low prices.​




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Who is this product for?

​This is a hammock that a person who wants to try the hammock lifestyle for themselves and not blow a lot of cash to find out if there is anything to it. You can slap down hundreds for a great hammock, but if you don't like it or it's not for you, you've wasted your dough.

Bear Butt wants your business, and they put their best foot forward. If you don't like their hammock or it flakes out on you, not only do you get your money back and they let you keep the hammock as well.

That's the best offer you will ever see on anything you get from Amazon.


Fits in your backpack, daypack, and even a fanny pack

​It folds compact, and whenever you decide to take a siesta, you whip it out and hang it on a couple of trees and have a rest. This makes it convenient for Ultra Marathon runners who are going to cover a 100 miles or more. It also fits in nicely with hikers who have many miles to go before they sleep for the night.

But, it is also a great piece of camping gear and with a mosquito net, lets you sleep outdoors under nature's canopy.

Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

This and the fact when you wake up you will feel like a million bucks.​

This hammock fits everyone’s lifestyle

​Whether you are an outdoorsman, indoors man, camper, hunter, fisherman, and someone who wants to get a little shuteye. This hammock complements your lifestyle and any activity you contemplate doing. Set it up in the park and read while you kids play on the swings, monkey bars, jungle play-sets, and slides.

Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

Outdoor picnics, BBQs, and pool parties are other options as well.

Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

Setting it up in your den or home entertainment center to watch movies as this hammock makes the perfect couch of love seat for two.

There is no limit to what your lifestyle and your imagination can find to let you use this hammock for.

Made to last and if it does not you have the guarantee to get you your money back​

Made from tough material and is triple stitched that gives you reliability and strength well beyond the price you are paying for a hammock. This company is going after ENO's market by offering same or better quality at half the price. So, while ENO is in trouble, you get one of the few great bargains on the market today.

You find that you new hammock hangs up securely and the lines you get with it will do the work needed. However, after you buy yours you get a discount code and give them a call, and they will send you a strap kit free.​

Additional features you can add-on

​We have mentioned the strap kit, and that's a no brainer. You also can get a weather fly, mosquito net, and other mounting hardware. You can even get a Bare-Butt backpack.

With all these goodies, you can hit the woods, beaches, and hike to your heart’s content with a hammock that weighs about a pound and with all the extras makes you tent independent and at a bargain basement price.​

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Pros & Cons


​● Small footprint, lightweight, and made for weekend getaways to the beach and day trips to the islands in Thailand

● Take down is almost as fast as putting it up

● Roomy insides that let's you surround yourself with comfort

● There guarantee is real. Mine came with a small tear, and I got to keep it and they refunded the money

● They've been in business for two years now, and they're still in business. That's saying something about the quality of their products the way their guarantee is written

● Customer service is the best I've seen, and I've been buying online Amazon since day one​


​● Wish the hammock came in more colors, though the ones they already have are cool too

● Hammock is great the straps are not. Order the mounting kit and avoid problems in the future​


​Q: Is this guarantee legit?

A: Yep, it is, and they still back it today to the hilt.

​Q: Does the hammock come with tree straps?

A: No, it comes with just a rope hanging kit. Most people purchase the optional Tree Strap Kit.

Q: Can I get a mosquito net?​

A: Assuredly, it is one of the most popular accessories net to the tree straps.

Q: What do I do when it rains?​

A: The obvious answer is, of course, you get wet. However, Bear Butt has a new Weather Fly and a Mosquito net as well. Get them both, stay dry, and not get eaten alive, as mosquitoes come out after the rain.

Final Verdict​

Bear Butt has some of the funniest ads being written today about hammocks and camping in the wild. However, behind the hype is a company that takes their hammocks seriously. While the make jokes if you look at the product it's made with triple stitching instead of single or double which many hammock makers do.

They have quickly come out with the need extras to make the product a viable replacement for a tent. This includes Tree Straps, Mosquito Netting, and a Weather Fly. Even if you buy all of them, you have a camping kit that fits in a knapsack and weighs less than 5 lbs. You cannot do better with a tent or other brand of hammock at twice the price they are asking.

While you may not want to go camping for the price, you can buy 3 or 4 and change you homes furniture or turn your backyard into a restful place where you and your buddies can siesta after a BBQ lunch or dinner. So, if you want to try out the hammock for camping, hiking, and for a makeover at home. Bear Butt has the hammock that fits your needs and at a low price.​

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