Neolite Trek Camping Hammock Review and Rating

Whether you will be trekking, relaxing in your yard, or traveling to faraway places, the Neolite Trek Camping Hammock is the perfect companion. It lets you get some rest and relaxation in virtually any surrounding, whether during the day or at night.

This hammock is ideal for travel, backpacking, or camping. Plus, it's compact, lightweight, and easy to set up.




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The Ciliate was made out of breathable, strong, and quick drying weaved nylon and was manufactured using heavy duty triple interlocking stitching. All this makes this hammock strong enough to easily hold up to 400 lbs.​

Comes with an integrated drawstring stuff staff that can also be used as a convenient storage bag for your gadgets, gear, and other personal items.

Come with two super strong nautical grade hang ropes (complete with free friendly rope sleeves) and two solid steel carabiners for easy and quick setup. Plus, you can hang ropes pack in a separate sack for easy storage.​

Pros & Cons



  • Simple and easy setup
  • Quick and easy storage
  • Super strong materials
  • It's flexible to use
  • All accessories included
  • Bit Expensive

How to Use The Hammock

How to Use The Neolite Trek Camping Hammock

Infographic by Fox Outfitters


Is it a two person hammock?

Does this hammock come with lifetime warranty?

Does this hammock come with suspension system?

Does it come with rain tarp?

Can I wash this hammock on machine?

Neolite Trek Camping Hammock Review

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Final Verdict

Neolite Trek Camping is lightweight, portable and made of high quality material. It's perfect for hiking and backpacking, where weight matters. If you are a lone hiker or backpacker and looking for the best hammock, well this is the one for you.

Jeffrey E. Cook

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