Eagles Nest SoloPod Hammock Stand Review

Setting up a hammock when you don’t have two trees the right distance apart is a problem. So much so, many miss out on the pleasure that a hammock provides. That is no longer the case. Our friends at Eagles Nest have come up with a rugged hammock stand that sets up anywhere. It provides the proper spacing for a single hammock to be hung on. You have the right spacing and height. This gives you the best comfort imaginable in a hammock.

Why do you need this Hammock Stand?

You as a person, who owns a home with a deck, pool or green grass, want to take advantage of the great weather and relax. A hammock is perfect for this. What’s more, it will hold up to 400 pounds comfortably. That means one adult or a couple of children. You also are now entering the world of pod living. A minimalist lifestyle when doing more with less and smaller is more. Homes are getting smaller beds are being replaced by hammocks. Your lifestyle is now simpler, and your basic costs shrink as well.


If an ordinary, bed is not helping your back pain. Try sleeping in a hammock instead. Many people report they get better sleep in one. In the morning when they wake up, they feel energized. Their aches and pains have vanished. All this is due to the support they receive from a hammock.

ENO-SoloPod Hammock-Stand

The SoloPod creates this unique environment with a frame that supports you comfortably. It hangs your hammock just so.   The height is calculated to a natural height to get in and out of. The spacing gives you the proper support. It provides the right arch in the hammock as well. This arc is the secret to providing comfort. It also ensures you wouldn’t flip over as well. Rubber feet and a patent steel design prevent you from sliding about while getting in and even if you weigh in at 300 pounds, you find the comfort you need. It will hold up to 400 lbs if need be. What is even better the whole frame is portable. It only weighs 50 pounds. That means you can break it down and take to your beach house in the winter.


You could even take it on a camping trip as well. There in the Great Outdoors, you can lay in total comfort. You can look up and see the starry sky at night. During the day, everything seems brighter and more alive. You do not have to lie on the ground. Instead, you are above it all. You get better rest, and you can enjoy your camping trip more than sleeping in a tent. You feel at one with nature, and it all comes together in perfect harmony.

For those of you who enjoy the sun and sand. You can set you hammock on your spot in the sand. From there you swing gently in the breeze benefit from the beauty of what the seaside has to offer. Many pay up to a thousand dollars a day at a resort. You bring your resort with you. Your SoloPod is your gateway to POD living and getting best of the Solo lifestyle. One, which shows how you have become self-reliant and assured you, can meet the world on your terms. You do not need to sleep in a tent unless it suits you. You prefer the open air, and your SoloPod is the key to a more relaxing and enjoyable life.



  • Sleeping in a hammock has saved my back
  • Eight pieces go together in just a few minutes
  • I am a big guy, and the SoloPod holds me easily without straining
  • Easy to put together and it looks good on the deck
  • Rugged and sets up outdoors or in the bedroom equally well
  • I put together the SoloPod in 15 minutes and hung my ENO hammock almost at once.
  • I sleep with the angels lulled by the birds in my yard
  • I set my SoloPod in the den, and my kids have a ball watching the Plasma or playing their computer games


  • Don’t rock. This isn’t a rocking chair, and you shouldn’t use it as such


Q. Will the SoloPod stand up to a large man’s usage?

A. Yes, the SoloPod can handle bigger people up to 400 lbs.

Q. I have a 10 ft hammock. Can the SoloPod do the job?

A .The SoloPod handles a standard sized ENO single or double. The extra length of yours might put you too low toward the ground.

Q. Can I take the SoloPod out to my lake front property?

A. It only weighs 50 pounds and if you are driving. It will fit right in with your other gear.

Q. Will the DoubleNest work with this hammock stand?

A. Yes, you can use the SoloPod with almost all of the ENO hammocks.

Q. Can I use a non-ENO hammock with the SoloPod?

A. if the dimensions of your hammock match those of the Single or DoubleNest ENO hammocks it should work fine.

Final Verdict

The SoloPod comes in 8 pieces. You can slap it together in about 10 minutes. You can either put it outside or indoors as you desire. You then have a platform that will hold your ENO single or DoubleNest easily. You then have the best way to relax, sleep, or nap it. Some take their hammocks out to the beach and camping trips as well, and the SoloPod goes right along too! This reviewer prefers the beach. Folly Beach near the lighthouse is the first choice. There on a stilt-raised beach house there no view better. The sunset and especially combined with moonrise are two of Nature’s greatest shows. The price of admission is free. The SoloPod makes it even more restful, as you lay in the SoloPod watching the sky change from blue to red and then the silver moonlight takes over. The SoloPod makes living on the beach in summer one of the best things you will ever experience in this lifetime. Check Price

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