10 Exciting Campfire Games for Adults

Adults love to play just as well as kids do. This is in spite of maturity and is also, of course, a great way to take a break from the hustle of everyday lifeCampfire Games for adults and relax your nerves. There are lots of games that adults can suitably play to help with this relaxation especially on outdoor activities like a campfire. This article will provide a list of ten that you can pick from.

  1. Make Me Laugh: This easy-to-play game with simple rules is undoubtedly one of the best adult campfire games. As the name implies, this game requires you to make someone actually laugh. You would need quite a large group which you can divide into two teams. The team on stage should pick one individual from the opponent group to be the recipient of the jokes. The team on stage should then make the recipient burst into laughter. Note that the recipient has to actually laugh not giggle or smile. If your team can make the person on the hot seat laugh within two minutes (or any other time limit you have all decided upon), then that’s a score for your team. If the person on the hot seat can remain without laughing for the duration of time, that’s a score for the opponent team. After the session, both teams should switch roles.
  2. Two Truths and A Lie: This is a game where everyone is required to tell three things out of which one must be a lie. This may also require groups. The opponent group should decide which of the said statements is a lie. If they get it right, it’s a score for them and if not, it’s a score for the team on stage.
  3. Twenty Questions: In this campfire game, you choose someone to pick and hold a secret object. Everybody else will then ask this person questions intended to try and find out what he/she is hiding. The person answering can only say one of “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” If the questions get to twenty and the group is still unable to decipher what the secret object is, then then the person answering wins. If someone from the group can decipher what the object is before twenty questions, then such a person wins and gets on stage to answer questions too.
  4. Truth or Dare: In this game, everyone is asked to choose one of ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. If someone chooses the ‘truth’, then you can ask them anything and expect that they say the whole truth about it. If they choose the dare, then you choose anything and ask them to do it. It’s usually more fun to ask daring or maybe intimate questions for the ‘truth’ and to pick actually daring tasks for the ‘dare’.
  5. Dead Fish: Dead fish is another fun and really hilarious camfire game. Here, everyone is required to lay lifeless like a dead fish while one chosen person observes to make sure everyone is obeying the rule. The slightest move kicks you out of the game. The last person left after everyone else has been kicked out of the game is the winner. This person would then take the role of the observer.
  6. Name That Tune: This one is especially exciting if there’s a musician in your group. The musician simply needs to play a tune and let everyone else guess what song it is. The person who guesses right wins. The overall winner should usually be the person who has the highest number of correct guesses.
  7. Word Relay: With Word Relay, you form a line or a circle and then choose someone to create a phrase or a sentence. This created sentence should then be passed to the next person who would pass it on to the next person and so on. When the last person on the line passes the word back to the person who first formed it, you would know then if the correct information had been passed. The fun usually arises when someone has passed the wrong information.
  8.  In ABC Name Game: This is a celebrity name campfire game. A player should say the name of a celebrity. The next player should then name another celebrity whose first name starts with the first letter of the last name of the previously named celebrity. If a player said “Denzel Washington” for instance, the next player should say “Will Smith” because the first name of Will Smith begins with the first letter of Denzel Washington’s last name. Someone fails in this game when they fail to come up with a suitable name.
  9. Would You Rather: This is a game where you have to ask someone whether they would rather be or do one thing or another for example, “would you rather live in the city or the suburbs?” They should choose one out of the two options and explain why they have chosen that. It’s usually more fun if there is a time limit within which the person must answer. It can also be exciting to ask very outrageous questions.
  10. Who Am I?: This game is about guessing what someone else is trying to describe. You simply need to pay careful attention to their details and then you can decide what or who the description fits. Usually, what they describe would be something or someone popular.

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